Digitalzistische Devotionalien und Plasikschmiedearbeiten

If the iPhone had been invented in the 1970s, it would probably have a different design, perhaps in a bright orange. If it had been invented in the 16th century, it would have been a valuable toy for kings and emperors, and its shell would have been designed by jewellers and goldsmiths.

Nowadays, ornaments and decorations have completely disappeared, the design has been reduced to the essentials.  

Form follows function.

I create my own reality, which from my observations speaks about the use and dangers of modern technologies in the digital age. My work combines theological ideas, medieval aesthetics, sociological and techno-logical observations, a good dose of humour and childlike playfulness.

Gold and silversmiths of the past centuries used valuable materials such as gold and silver to create precious containers for the magical relics. I prefer to work with Polymer Clay to give the venerated shrines of the digital age an adequate enclosure.